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Student Museum Collaborative
The Student Museum Collaborative (SMC), founded in 2009, is a diverse group of students who are passionate about the visual arts and wish to share their interest with others. SMC's mission is to increase awareness of the arts on the Bowdoin campus and beyond, thereby striving to make the art world accessible to anyone. SMC organizes and contributes to Museum events and informs students of both on- and off-campus arts opportunities such as Bowdoin College Museum of Art openings, College Night at the Portland Museum of Art, and SMC-organized trips to nearby galleries.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact SMAC leaders Natalie C. Clark, Alexandra H. FrosinaAbigail Geringer, and Dana L. Hopkins.
Student Employment
Researching the Collection

Students from Senior Lecturer in Dance Performance Gwyneth Jones'

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics Ryan Ricciardi examines Roman coins with students in “Introduction to Roman Archaeology”.

Students from Associate Professor of Art History Susan Wegner's course

Assistant Professor of Asian Studies Vyjayanthi Selinger speaks with students at the opening of Fantastic Stories: The Supernatural in Nineteenth-Century Japanese Prints (November 9, 2012- March 3, 2013).

Ursula Moreno-Vanderlaan '13, James Miller '14, Art History Professor Susan Wegner and Sarah Haimes '15 before a print in the student-curated exhibition