Study Away Guidelines

Students interested in study away should speak with a faculty member for advice on suitable programs, and to discuss the process for receiving credit toward the major for courses taken away from Bowdoin. Of the ten courses required for the Art History major, at least eight must be taken at Bowdoin; for the five courses required for the minor, a minimum of four must be taken at Bowdoin. With rare exceptions, ARTH 1100 should be taken at Bowdoin before off-campus study. Upper-level seminar requirements must be taken at Bowdoin.

A student who takes a non-Bowdoin Art History course away, to fulfill a requirement in Art History, MUST have an Art History professor APPROVE the away course IN WRITING PRIOR to going away. The course(s) must be successfully completed with a grade of C- or better. The Art History Department Study Away Approval Form is IN ADDITION to the Study Away Application and the Student Records Transfer of Credit Forms.

Upon returning to Bowdoin and after the department receives the away transcript, it is THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY to obtain a Study Away Transfer Credit Approval Form from the Art History academic coordinator and request verification from the Art History professor who approved the away course originally that the student will receive Art History requirement credit.

If the student does not follow up with the professor on his/her return, the course(s) away will not be given Art History requirement credit. In some cases this will mean that the student will not meet his/her major/minor requirement.