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Pierce Art Library

The Pierce Art Library - Bowdoin CollegeThe Pierce Art Library is located on the south side of the second floor of the VAC, and houses about 18,000 volumes of the college's collection of books on art, art history and photography. This library is heavily used by both art history and visual arts students and is a non-circulating collection, though college faculty can check things out for limited amounts of time, at the discretion of the art librarian. Our physical proximity to art faculty offices encourages frequent consultation with the collection and the librarian, and enriches the whole scholar/student relationship. There are over-sized study carrels, and tables, with ample natural light. Space is a significant issue, so there continues to be a need to house many things at the main library. The materials relating to architecture, decorative arts, and which are predominantly textual are housed at the main library and those items do circulate.

William Curtis Pierce Bowdoin Class of 1928For further information, please visit the dedicated Art Library website:

Anne Haas, Art Librarian
x3690 (207) 725-3690
e-mail: ahaas@bowdoin.edu