Northward: Peary's 1908-09 Expedition

Ship Roosevelt in the iceThis historic blog follows Robert Peary's 1908-09 North Pole expedition from New York to the North Pole and back. The blog will be updated daily over the next fifteen months using various crew members' journals. You can read about what individuals were experiencing on the Roosevelt and while sledging across the Polar Sea exactly one hundred years ago to the day.

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So hot that we can't do much

We arrived here about 9 oclock this morning. Got a pilot from the stern Pilot boat outside, there isn't anyone allowed onboard or anyone from the ship onshore until after the parade which is tomorrow, we leave here at 4 in the morning for 42nd Street N.Y.


Looks like fog

We have been close by the wind all night and most all day. It is ahead now and they have just taken the sails in.


To keep out of crowds

We had quite a breeze So. East all night and quite a sea she rolled pretty bad breezing up again now So.


I wish we would go into Boston

We had a good sailing breeze all night and rain made 8 ½ knots most of the time and not rough any, got here at Eagle Island at 12.30 P.M. still raining hard.


Sail on since 9 this morning

We made pretty good time last night and today, have had sail on since 9 this morning. Have seen quite a lot of Nova Scotia fishermen.


They blew the horn and dipped the flag

We had quite a breeze of head wind all night, the wind is ahead now but not strong and it is quite clear, sun shines part of the time we passed a Boston fisherman this forenoon (The Vanasa) they blew the horn and dipped the flag cheered etc. When they saw us they put about and ran at right angle of their course to salute us.


One of the sailors got left

We left Sydney at 8.30 last night but didn't come very far, for the boys wasn't [sic] feeling very well, we didn't make more than 25 miles all night about ten hours, one of the sailors got left. Went onshore and didn't come back when they told him to.