Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

So hot that we can't do much


We arrived here about 9 oclock this morning. Got a pilot from the stern Pilot boat outside, there isn't anyone allowed onboard or anyone from the ship onshore until after the parade which is tomorrow, we leave here at 4 in the morning for 42nd Street N.Y. It is fine today but we had quite a breeze of head wind most all night. We are trying to clean up a little today but it is so hot that we can't do much. The Bar. is 29.66 quite low.

Acknowledgements and Credits

Today, September 30th, marks the last entry on the Northward Blog. For 15 months readers have followed Robert Peary and three members of his team as they set sail from New York, overwintered in Greenland, and braved the shifting ice of the Arctic Ocean to reach the North Pole. The story continues with Peary's efforts to bring his party home and deal with Frederick Cook's rival claim, and it ends back in the city where it began.

The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum would like to acknowledge funding from the Gibbons Fellowship Program and the Russell and Janet Doubleday Endowment. Special thanks go to Robert Denton, Associate Director for Web Strategy, for his work designing and building the blog, and Nancy Grant, Educational Technology Consultant, for her assistance maintaining the blog. Both the Information Technology and the Communications departments have provided support, and their contributions are greatly appreciated.

Several institutions generously made the historic journals available to us; Robert E. Peary's journal courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration; Ross Marvin's journal courtesy of the Chemung Valley History Museum; and Donald MacMillan's journal courtesy of the George J. Mitchell Special Collections and Archives at Bowdoin College. The Wardwell family kindly provided access and permission to use George Wardwell's journal. Photographs illustrating blog entries are from the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum collection.

We thank our readers for their feedback. We hope that you have enjoyed following the events of this historic expedition.

Pictured above:
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, Robert E. Peary at Sydney, N.S. on return from 1908-09 expedition, Sept. 1909, ID: 3000.9.4

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