Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

One of the sailors got left

We left Sydney at 8.30 last night but didn't come very far, for the boys wasn't [sic] feeling very well, we didn't make more than 25 miles all night about ten hours, one of the sailors got left. Went onshore and didn't come back when they told him to. Waited for him a couple of hours after they all got onboard and he was about 4 ½ hours behind hand, Dennis Murphy was his name. They had shiped [sic] another fellow to clean up around on the way to N.Y. but he had to take Dennis place. It is foggy today and quite a breeze ahead, there was people onboard until the last minute, and the Capt. of the Tyrian and Mr. Baldwin of the Zieglar Expedition came out to Low Point with us and went back in the Tyrian's launch, there was a big time in Sydney The Bar. Is 29.91 started up a little.                

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