Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Presented him with a huge bouquet


Left St. Pauls Island last night about 9 o'clock, going along at about half speed so as not to be sighted too early from Low Point.
    At about 6 a large white steam yacht was seen approaching with American flag at fore topmast and British at the main. At 4.30 it was near enough for us o see Mrs. Peary, Marie and Robert on the bridge. A boat was lowered and they were soon aboard.
    Soon others met us in small power boats, excursion steamers, and sailing yachts proudly escorting us into the harbor where yards and yards of steam were blown off in our honor. Thousands of people banked the shore and wharfs cheering and waving flags.
    As Commander landed a delegation of school girls met in with wreaths and bouquets of flowers. The daughter of Mayor Richardson stepped forward and making a little salutary address presented him with a huge bouquet.           

Pictured above:
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, Robert E. Peary accepting flowers from schoolgirls in crowd in Sydney, N.S., Sept. 1909, ID: 3000.9.5

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