Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

The band has started in again


We left St. Pauls Island lat night at 8 oclock and arrived here at 1.30 P.M. after running slow all night, and were received here amid cheers and whistles from a large number of steamers yachts and motor boats, factorys, miens etc. and thousands of people along the shores and wharfs on the roofs of buildings and everywhere they could get a chance to see the ship. Ships, boats, houses and hotels were decorated with English and American flags. There is fireworks, guns and the City band at it tonight.  We lay alongside the wharf awhile but had to get out to anchor there were so many people onboard we couldnt get around and it was very hot onboard too. And the cook couldn't get a chance to get dinner. We got a lunch and had a big supper at five oclock. Mrs. Peary, Marie & Robert came out in the Yacht Sheelan. The people said it wasn't hot but it seemed very hot to us as we had only left the vicinity of Icebergs night before last. We saw lots of them coming down from Battle Harbor, and the first night out was cold and windy and rained a good part of the night. One of the motor boats got in between two tow boats and got upset there was only one man in it they saved him but it was a narrow chance for him, the boat sank. They are blowing horns onshore now, lots of noise, and the band is just playing God Save the King, so I suppose that is the last of it. The Bar. is 30.05 now. Encore and the band has started in again.          

Pictured above:
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, Roosevelt entering dock, Sydney, C.B., Sept. 21, 1909, ID: 3000.32.1140

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