Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Great heavens!

When we came on deck this morning we were close to St. Paul Island. After breakfast we ran in close to the Government Station on the east side.
    Mr. J. W. Campbell who is in charge came off in one of his life boats, piloted us to a good anchorage and took Captain, Mr. Rood and I ashore. This was the nearest to “Home sweet home” in fourteen months. Here were the trees, and grass, and cows, sheep, horses and hens and a telephone to the main land.
    And the milk! Great heavens! As we had not had any for more than a year, and as this was the real article, rich, thick, cream, I can never forget it. Nor in fact the dinner and the royal way in which we were entertained.
    Was weighed in – 178 lbs, the heaviest I have weighed for some time. Learned here that the reporters are still waiting for us at No. Sydney, and that a tug is waiting for us off Cape North. Will leave here some time tonight.

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