Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

37 reporters on board


It has been fine today and they have done a lot of painting. The Str. Tyrian the Canadian Cable Str. arrived this morning with 37 reporters onboard. They kept us pretty busy until about 5 P.M. when they all went onboard to be ready to leave by daylight they lay outside of the harbor 2 or three miles. The Com. got a storehouse onshore and gave them a little lecture on the trip kind of a outline and I will bet that no two will write it up alike. Took pictures of about all in furs and 40 times without. They say there is a big time awaiting us at Sydney. The Bar. is 29.75 tonight and cloudy.

Pictured above:
Battle Harbor, Labrador, Canada, Borup, MacMillan at Battle Harbor, Labrador, Sept. 1909, ID: 3000.32.1112

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