Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

That is all I ask


It has been clear and cool today quite a number of people onboard although there has been quite a breeze from the No. East. We are getting all kinds of Marconigrams make you laugh the excitement there is going on about the discovery of the North Pole. If they will give me my wages that is all I ask. We got a Marconigram today that there was a Canadian Government steamer bound here with a lot of American reporters onboard and Canadians too I suppose. I should think there must be quite an excitement for them to undertake a trip up here, when they can get all they ask for by wire. The Bar. is 29.96 been down to 29.63 today.     

Pictured above:
Battle Harbor, Labrador, Canada, View of Battle Harbor, Labrador, , ID: 3000.2.18

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