Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Sent the wireless message

We arrived here at Smokey Tickle last night at 7.30 in quite a breeze of head wind and it blew hard all night and so far today 1. P.M. We are to stop here until the wind goes down or changes. The Com. sent the Wireless message from here of our arrival on the coast and discovery of the North Pole. We got 8 tons of coal from The S.S. Fiona  N.F.L.D. Government steamer are to go into Hawks harbor for more coal and water. I hope we will get enough there to take us to Sydney. I expect we will have to go into Chattaux [Chateau Bay] to send the story to the N.Y. herald. The Bar. is 29.34 falling yet.        

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