Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

"Have had the best year of my life"

Arrived in Turnavik last night about 7-30, and it certainly seemed strange to see signs of civilization again, to see houses and white women. Backed in to dock for nineteen tons of coal. Here we had a taste of fried cod, the first for over a year, and some other good things as well. So hot in our room that I slept out on deck in the square sail.
    Left Turnavik before breakfast for the run to “Smoky” [Smokey] our first telegraph station. Arrived here just at dark, blowing strong, so dropped both anchors. Commander went ashore with a bunch of telegrams. I sent three, one to Lettie, one to Jess, and one to Dr. Abercrombie.

    “Arrived here today with Pole on board. Have had the best year of my life. Love to all.

    “Top of the earth found at last. Greetings to family and boys.
                            D. B. MacMillan”

    Within half and hour of our arrival the British Revenue Cutter “Fiona” came in, later visited by Commander and Captain to answer such questions from the brother of the Premier of Canada as “What was your latitude at the North Pole!”, “And your longitude?”!!! Heavens! how can a man be so ignorant?                

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