Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Crashing and smashing

Blowing and raining and snowing all day. Fortunately we have a fair wind so we are making good progress south passing the Arctic Circle probably about noon. The land to the west of us near Cape Dyer and Cape Washington is much more attractive than I had pictured it to be, being high and bald and cut up into deep fiords.
    Early this morning Dennis saw a polar bear, was about to call the Captain when it disappeared.
    Commander has offered a half pound (2 ½ dollars) to the first man who sees a bear; consequently everyone when on deck feels like borrowing a few more eyes. Have passed a number of walrus asleep on pans of ice, one herd of ten.
    During the thick weather today we almost smashed into a high cliff going full speed right at it. Have altered our course somewhat off shore. Sea and wind gradually increasing. Another night of standing on our heads! and crashing and smashing of everything not tied down.  

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