Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

The land looks about the same

The wind went to the No. East and blew until this morning quite heavy and there was a heavy sea. The wind is light now No. E. and not much roll, the sea has gone down a lot. We made Cape Koter [Kater] Baffin Land about 10 oclock last night. We were 48 miles ahead of the log, it has been thick so couldn't get an observation and had to go by the log. The land looks about the same as it does up along hilly and covered with snow in the interior, as far as one can see. We are not very close to the land here are crossing a bay. The Bar. went down to 28.78 it fell quick and arose quick  it is 29.69 now. It is cloudy today. Can see the sun once in awhile.  

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