Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

And they can see about as far as anybody

We left No. Star bay at 5 oclock yesterday afternoon and arrive here at 10.30 this forenoon. We had quite a breeze in the night coming down head wind but it is fine today and seems quite warm although we are lying close to a glacier and there are hundreds of icebergs around the bay and close by outside. We got our letters here they were all brought here by a Whaler the only one that came out this year so she took the whole six copies, and landed them here. We dont expect to leave here before morning as they are to land three families here and their belongings and the Walrus we killed for them  The Bar. is 29.45 now. Dr. Cook sent word by the whaler from Upernivik  that he got the pole the 20th of last April, and the two Eskimos he had with him said he only left the land for two days and went back South to Jone's [sic] Sound, he claimed to found new land but the Eskimos say they didnt see any. And they can see about as far as anybody.  

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