Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Another Southerly

This is another fine calm day there was a thick fog this forenoon but it has cleared away in the harbor but still hangs around outside. They are just about finished coaling have only the sweepings to hoist onboard now. We didnt get afloat until 4.30 P.M. yesterday and they worked all night watch & watch The Com. has given Mene a shot gun rifle ammunition provisions etc. He has a good outfit to start with and ought to be able to look out for himself now as well as the rest of the Eskimos. The Bar. is 29.38 another Southerly.  

Mene: Mene, or Minik, was an Inuk child from Greenland brought to America along with his father and four other Inuit men by Robert Peary in 1987.

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