Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Our first news

At 2 o'clock this morning we met the relief vessel Jeanie of St. John's N.F. Was sent up by Bridgeman of New York with a triple purpose - to carry back Dr. Cook, to carry back Whitney who has remained at Etah a year for the shooting and to bring coal to us. Many of the men received letters from home also clippings giving us our first news for more than a year. We hear that Taft is President, that Henry H. Rogers is dead, that there has been a terrible earthquake, that Harvard defeated Yale at football and in rowing, that Shackleton succeeded in getting within 111 miles of the South Pole., that the Danmark Expedition lost three men by starvation in mapping out the north-eastern coast of Greenland - poor fellows, little did I think when looking for their records at Cape Morris Jesup to see if they had reached there that they were beneath the snow around on the east side. We talked something of running down past Cape Bridgeman. If we had possibly we might have found the bodies.
    After getting out letters we headed for Oo-wah-we-ee, North Star Bay. In entering the harbor crossing to the east side to get as near the water supply as possible we ran aground. Fortunately it was dead low water so we came off some hours later. To our surprise we found here a mission station, the first to be established in North Greenland. On landing two missionaries who are evidently half breeds, Esquimaux and Dane, came along the shore to meet us, taking off their hats and bowing. Handed me a letter written in English saying that these two were here to preach the gospel, etc. One's name was Olsen. We went over to the house and had coffee with then, served by a nice looking woman in small cups on a table covered with a white table cloth! It brings us to the fact that we are nearing home again, much to our regret. Later they came on board and were entertained by the Commander.
    The Jeanie came in a few hours after and tied up to out quarter and helped pull us off. As soon as we were afloat we began loading coal keeping it up all night. Later in the day Fuller the N.Y. reporter on the Herald and Whitney and I walked over to the west side to visit the tupiks. Found six, very large and well equipped with skins and cooking utensils. 

Henry H. Rogers: Rogers was a well known American industrialist and philanthropist who died on May 19, 1909.

Danmark Expedition: The Damark Exedition was a Danish expedition led by L. Mylius-Erichsen to explore the North-East Greenland Coast. Three members, including Mylius-Erichsen, died during the winter of 1907.

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