Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

I got your letter

We are just about ready to leave Itibloo. Went into Tickelehanny last night and got away from there this morning early and got here at 7.30 A.M. it is 1. P.M. now and the Eskimos that are going ashore here are getting into the boat now. We got nine more Walrus yesterday afternoon. The Bar. is 29.54 We had quite a breeze early this morning. We arrived here at No. Star bay at 7.30 A.M. and ran aground as usual and they are just going to try again to get her off 1 P.M. We met the Gasolene Schr. Jeanie Capt Samuel Bartlett about 15 miles up from here and they came back here with us. they have about 50 tons of coal for us which will be very acceptable for we would be pretty short by the time we got clear of here and the Capts Father has left 30 or 40 tons at Turnivik Labrador for us. I got your letter from the Schr. at 2.45 this morning and was very glad to hear you were all well. The Seconds wife died last February. She was a young healthy woman and was only sick two days left two small children. I suppose we will begin to take in coal as soon as we are afloat again, about all hands got letters from home and Borup had a lot of clippings about Polar expeditions hitting Wellman, and guessing where Peary is. We have got rid of all but 4 more Eskimo families and will leave them at Cape York. Mene the Eskimo that has been in New York so long came up on the Schr. to stay here. Mr. Whitney says he is going over on the Baffin land side hunting Polar Bear. Says he hasnt had enough hunting yet. 9 large Bull Walrus stove one of the boats in two places the last day they were out after them. it is nice and calm today. The Bar. is 29.52. The Danish have built a mission house here to help the people here along the coast. 

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