Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Went ashore in style

Left Etah last night at 6 o'clock. Going along slowly today under one boiler and square sail. Drizzling rain.
    Called in at Nerky where we landed Ar-klio and Al-nay-ah. We are all sorry to see Ar-klio go, he has been a fine boy around the galley. I fitted him out in a good coat and vest so he went ashore in style. From here we went to Iq-lu-an-hamey where In-ah-loo, Ang-el-o-gib-so, and Ki-me-ark-shah left us. For making my net chain I gave In-ah-loo a sleeping bag, soap, matches, and canned goods, which pleased her very much.
    Our next stopping place was Koo-kan, the most prosperous looking place we have visited. The tupiks are very large and lighted by the use of transparent skin. Here the meat of walrus, seal, narwhal and white whale was stacked in piled.
    Sig-loo and Ah-lit-ah, We-shark-ob-sie and Ader-enig-wah,  Oo-blooyah and Ar-ka-ting-wah all left us here. Had the good luck to trade for a "Gjoa" plate.  

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