Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

We are sorry to leave them

Finished loading and unloading everything today. Leaving Etah about 6 o'clock. Here we leave Eging-wah and In-u-waho, Oo-tah and Clay-ing-wah.
    As we left the harbor all the Esquimaux waved their good-byes from the rocks. Some of them have been with us for a year, and we are sorry to leave them, probably never to see them again. We shall miss In-u-waho for many a day. With square sail we are passing Cape Alexander with a fair wind bound for Nerky.
    Have questioned nearly all of the men who were with Dr. Cook on the ice. They are all agreed upon this one point - that they were never out of sight of land and did not spend more than three nights on the sea ice. They did discover two islands to the south-west of Cape Thomas Hubbard. Were back so early that ducks and gulls eggs were perfectly fresh. Did not care to cross Jones Sound, but preferred to winter there in an igloo. The Innuits say they could have crossed in their boat. Sledges were so heavy with food when they got back to land that Dr. Cook did not increase the load from cache.  

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