Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Quite a sea going

It blew hard and rained all night and is blowing harder and heavier rain today.  We have dragged away from our anchorage twice and are working back to it again now under full speed with one boiler and can hardly make any headway against the wind. The Barometer went down from 29.31 at 2 oclock this morning to 28.85 at 7.30 this morning and is 29.84 now 12.30 P.M. There is quite a sea going. We are at the mouth of Inglefield gulf off Herbert Island. Got 5 more Walrus yesterday afternoon and last night making 31 in all onboard all dressed and piled up on deck it makes quite a lot of meat. McMillan is getting along fine.  

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