Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Other stuff they couldn't describe

It rained and blowed hard all night and all day so far. They got hold of the chain and have it up in sight are fasting a line on it now so as to fleet along to the end and get it to the Windless. The wind has dropped off all at once, but it still rains. They have had lots of rain and Southerly winds this summer. The Eskimos said that sometime after we left to go North from Etah last year a month or more as near as I can get at it that the air was full of smoke and dust for two or three days smelled like burning wood, and other stuff they couldn't describe. The wind was from the South East, and as there isnt any woods within 1000 or 1500 miles of here we thought it might be the Volcano over in Iceland that had been in eruption. The Bar. is 29.59 now. 

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