Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

It gave me a start

The wind is blowing heavy So. West today so we are not out after walrus. The Com. sent a gun out for me to have cleaned and I thought I would unload it so no one would get hurt cleaning it, and it went off and through two rooms and shot McMillan through the arm and glanced through his shoulder. It gave me a start I don't know what made it go off the hammer was up and it was a large rifle with seven cartridges in it. I helped the dr. fix McMillan up and about the time we got him fixed up the ship went adrift. Lost anchor and chain. It ran out wasn't made fast in the chain locker in the hold. We left one anchor and chain in Etah last fall so we only have a small anchor and chain to anchor with now. McMillan says his arm dont pain so much now as it did when it was first done. The Bar. is 29.58 today.   

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