Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Could see my house

Got under way about 3- a.m. passed C. Sabine 4.30 a.m*. Could see my house in Payer Harbor.
    Fine morning, calm, banks + streams of low fog lying close to water. Kept on down to Isabella, then headed for C. Chalon. Came upon some walrus + secured 4. Put one boiler out of commission to save coal. Wind came fresh from north. Passed Chalon at 2.30 p.m.
    Saw tupics at Nerki, went ashore in boat, found Ahsayoo, Tuugwee, Teddylingwah.
    Learned Cook returned this Spring, on foot, no dogs, had been south to Jones Sound. He went to Upernavik with Koolootingwah, Itookashoo, + Pewahto, before my 2 men Panikpah + Pooadloonah came down.
    These native no [sic] nothing of any ship this summer. They say everyone at Etah well, + that Bo'sun has live M.O. also M.O. + fox skins, + narwhal horns for me.

*We pass C. Sabine (i.e. get out of Kane Basin) this time 39 days earlier than 3 yrs. ago in 1906, + 32 days earlier than the British Expedition in 1876.

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