Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Narwhal about all day

Wind changed to the north this morning + blew for most of the day, not strong but very raw. As a result we have moved south somewhat faster + tonight a little before midnight the point of C. Baird is in range with western end of Bellot I., C. Cracroft is abreast of us, Capes Lawrence, Joseph Goode + Constitution are visible to the south from the deck + C. Union is just out of sight from the deck.
    A narwhal shot from the ship but sank, another dog hood seal secured (wt. 624#) + 2 seals on the floe south of us. In evening a short tailed skua, + a sandpiper (purple?) out of a flock of 12 to 15 which flew about the ship. Narwhal about all day.  

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