Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

The pan gave way

Felt like walking this morning so started out at 1 a.m. along the edge of the lead toward Cape Lieber. Was unable to reach land on account of open water so continued following the lead out into the middle of the channel. Curious enough to know the width of the pan to which we are tied I paced it back almost directly across and found it to be 3 ¼ miles.
    In attempting to get on board the edge of the pan gave way, fortunately I has just grasped a rope so only dropped in up to my waist. My kamiks immediately filled up with water. This added weight and my heavy clothes prevented me from pulling myself out in spite of my utmost exertions. Five or six of the Eskimos seized the rope and pulled me up like so much dead weight.  

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