Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Cold and cloudy

It was cold and cloudy all night snowed some but today the sun has been out a little while at a time The land on both sides are covered with snow. We got around another large floe this morning and I think the largest we have seen yet is just ahead it reaches from land to land and cant see water either side of it yet. We are at the entrance of Kennedy Channel and the floe fits in like a wedge in a big tunnel. We are about 12 or 15 miles outside of Lady Franklin bay where we lay so long last time. We didnt get out of there until the 26th of August. They have fired at a few seals this morning but havent got any yet, got one or two sea pigeons last night. The Bar. is 29.48 going down for a southerly wind I expect and that should drive this large floe over to one side or up the Channel so we can get around it.  

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