Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Passed the 82nd parallel

Bright + clear + cold this forenoon then cloudy, foggy + warmer.
    This forenoon we were nearly down to Wrangel Bay + steadily drifting south. At 4- p.m. on a line between C. Sumner + Birthday C. Sounding this forenoon 368 fathoms.
    Eskimos went for the big seal after midnight with 2 sledges + teams, a kayak, + 2 floats. Returned before breakfast. Length of animal 8' 1", wt. 675 to 700 lbs.
    In evening Borup shot another small seal.
    Soon after 4- p.m. nipped + listed to starboard about 10° with stern lifted somewhat more than a foot.
    Passed the 82nd parallel late in afternoon.  

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