Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Finally killed one

The Esks got after the narwhal again + following them along the leads finally killed one a mile or two to the eastward.
    Borup went out + photoed it, then it was cut up + brought to ship on 3 sledges. Movement of ice compelled sending boat to ferry the party + their loads across. Arrived on board just before breakfast. While eating another rose close to ship. Later another was harpooned but got away with line + float. This evening 4 more rose near ship + the kayaks being away I permitted shooting at one, but without success.
    The one obtained was a male 16 ft. long, with perfect horn 6 ft. long. Twist of this horn reverse of an ordinary screw. Contents of stomach remains of fish + squid. Outer layer of skin ½" thick, skin proper ¼" + blubber 3" to 4". Hump on nose contains very fine quality of oil. Eyes brown, smaller than eye of an ox, pupil slightly elongated horizontally.
    Eskimos + dogs all so full tonight they can eat no more.
    Wind changed to north today but not blowing strong.  

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