Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Another groan of disappointment

We are still in the ice off Cape Union. At first I thought it might be monotonous but there is something going on all the time, so much that it is hard for us to sleep. Rifles and shot guns are going about all the time.  
    This morning before breakfast E-ging-wah shot six black guillemots. A short time after he secured what we classify as a herring gull, much to our surprise as there is no record of one having been so far north. This afternoon Karko shot a fulmar petrel. Both of these birds are good additions to our bird list.
    After supper as I was holding a shooting match among the Eskimos, three shots each at fifty yards, Commander yelled from the deck "Ka-lill-o-mah", narwhale! For the next two or three hours we were an interested crowd watching the Eskimos maneuvering in their ky-acks. Oo-late succeeded in getting within a few feet of one resting with his back out of water; threw the harpoon and but missed him.
    A little later a yell went up from the bow of the ship on seeing Ah-lettah make a throw. Another miss and another groan of disappointment at the loss of so much fresh meat of which we have none on board. Since leaving winter quarters we have had two meals of black guillemot.  

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