Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

A year ago today

Early this morning the pieces of ice to which the R- has been moored lately floated at the height of the tide, leaving the ship entirely unprotected.
    Fortunately the ice did not come in, though the wind all day was S.E. (on our starboard quarter) + diagonally on shore.
    Entire day spent in blasting ice away from the propeller with small charges of dynamite.
    Propeller freed at 6- p.m. + Captain then went away in boat to examine some apparently suitable shelters among the grounded floebergs towards Ransom.
    He soon came back, we go under way, + moved down abreast of R-s position of 3 yrs. ago, + made fast between 2 grounded floebergs with ice inside of use so we were not in danger of being forced aground.
    While on our way the wind swung round as it did day before yesterday + blew violently off shore.
    We were snug + fast by 8- p.m. Here I had all the dogs brought on board + put down in the hold.
    Just a year ago today we left Sydney.

    Pemmican, biscuits, tea, sugar, coffee, oil, tents + ammunition on deck ready to throw out onto ice. Records, photos, knots eggs, fur clothing in bags also ready to go over, ditto guns + rifles. 

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