Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

About a ships length

It has been cool and partly cloudy with the wind from So. East in the morning to No. West this afternoon and tonight. The ice went off a long ways today, but there is about a ships length of heavy ice between us and open water. Which I expect will go at any time. We are cleaning and painting the Engineroom and overhauling the valves of the main Engine found the rings stuck and also in the H.P. Cyl. The deck department have the coal onboard that was landed in the fall and have been taking the provisions onboard today, it will take them another day or so. McMillan and a couple of the Eskimos went up and got the Knots nest that they found the eggs in a couple of weeks ago they had to dig away the dirt around it and drive a board under and take it up ground and all, as there isn't any nest built it is only on some moss on top of the rocky ground. The Bar. is 29.77 tonight. Was up to 29.85 last night. One of the women by the name of Coo u pea had a girl baby about six oclock this morning.  

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