Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Aeolian requiems


A fine summer day in every respect. Warm + bright, with a light air from S.W.
    Pronounced mirage of the Greenland Coast, the ice to the N. + C. Henry to the N. W.
    A small seal shot by the Eskimos abreast of the ship soon after midnight. Moved sewing machine into tent on quarter deck + set Wiseman to work on some sample clothing. Started a woman on a pair of kamiks, + another on bearskin trousers.
    Kyutah + family off to Pullen in forenoon. After dinner the men erected the Marvin memorial on the hill above the ship in accordance with my instructions.
    Later I went up to it. The cross faces true N. From it the Arctic Ocean, the Greenland Coast, the savage bluff of C. Henry, the United States Range, + Mt. Pullen are visible. A mile away is the Roosevelt cairn which Marvin built 3 years ago.
    Through the Arctic summers + winters the winds will sing Aeolian requiems on the wires which guy the cross in place.  

Pictured above:
Cape Sheridan, Ellesmere Island, Canada, Marvin Memorial Cross at Cape Sheridan, ca. 1909, ID: 3000.32.1110

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