Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Belonged to Brainard

The Sun shone a little while this morning, and they it got cloudy, and has sprinkled a little since dinner. The ice is moving back and forth with the tide and some of it is pretty heavy. It hasn't come in here hard enough yet to cause any pressure but expect it will before it breaks so we can get out. The last time it broke up June the 29th. Three Eskimos just arr. from Lincoln bay they said the ice was breaking up some out in the Channel. One of them brought a trunk from Lincoln bay in a sling with a strap across his head. It was one they threw off his sledge when they were returning from Fort Conger. I think they said it belonged to Brainard. The Bar. is 29.85 tonight falling a little.  

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