Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

We may have some decent weather

A fine day though crisp + fresh. This morning the uplands were still white with yesterday morning's snow, though near sea level the snow had disappeared. Barom. still rising + I hope with the excess of moisture removed from the atmosphere we may have some decent weather.
    The 3 Esks. who went to Black Cliffs Bay came back this morning with the driftwood. They said the river  has carried away the petrified wood. They brough in a young fox, a Bo'sun bird's nest + a brant egg. Sent Karko + Inughito up to Pullen with supplies for the 2 women. Soon after they left the women came in. At night they went up again.
    An enormous big hummocky floe which went down on the flood this morning, came back this evening on the ebb, close to our shelling, + grounded on the ship extending out from the river.
    The crew cleaning up + painting the forecastle today.  

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