Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Will have to overhaul

It has been cloudy about all day, and we have had a couple of So. West squalls, and it is blowing strong now from the So. West. The ship has righted up quite a lot today. The ice has opened up off the side about six inches tonight. We had steam on the Engine and pumps today, the pumps all started but The Engine didnt move, and the large seacock hasn't thawed out, the small one thawed by backing the hot water from the Insperator into it, pumped out the bilges, and then that pump balked will have to overhaul it in the morning. Have been trying to melt the ice in the bilges part of it is out are to try and get at the pipes in the bilges tomorrow. Will get steam and pump out what melts tonight, and try and fix up the pump so it will work again. Have got to take down the large discharge valve from the Condenser. I would like to see the Engine start so to break up the ice around the stern. One of the Eskimos brought in part of a deer he killed last night (Kiota) The Bar. is 29.42 tonight.  

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