Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Steam for the bilge pump

Borup got his photos last night; + MacMillan finding but five eggs in the duck's nest left them. He saw in company with some Arctic Turns, what he thinks was a Sabine's Gull.
    He + Capt. went out again this morning to try + get the gull, + found 2 turns nests, one just built + one with one egg. He got 2 female long tailed ducks. Saw nothing of the gull.
    The 2 quartz crystal Esks. came in with 2 red throated divers which they caught in fox traps at their nest on an island in a pond near Mt. Pullen.
    They report Kyutah having killed a deer (buck).
    This evening Borup, Captain, + 3 Esks. have gone up to photo the nest + get the one egg. Two women have gone after nests.
    The 2 families, who have been out for about a week near Dumb Bell Lakes came in today.  No results except one seal.
    The 3 men who went out last night shot a seal but he sank.
    S-w-ly wind part of today, + this evening the belt of water is much wider + extends from well beyond Sheridan to around Ransom.
    Firing today under one boiler with old boxes etc. to get steam for bilge pump.  

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