Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

A quiet fourth

A quiet fourth, not the sound of a cracker or a gun. At first I thought of working up a programme of sports, such as rifle shooting, harpoon throwing, running, etc. but gave it up for two reasons - today is Sunday and the Captain suggested out of respect for Ross perhaps it would be best not to have any kind of a celebration.
    Some time ago Tu-cumah and Ina-waho found an old squaw's nest with three eggs in it. Today Captain and I walked up with them to collect the eggs and photograph the nest. As there were only five eggs in the nest I decided to leave it for a further increase as the old squaw sometimes lays a dozen. When coming back I noticed a strange gull with black head, throat and primaries of the wings. Tried to secure it with 22 rifles but failed. As soon as I arrived on board I consulted my bird books and was delighted to know I had seen a very rare bird - the Sabine gull, Zema Sabinii.  

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