Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Number of cracks inside the ship

The tidal observations were discontinued last night at twelve oclock so didnt get the temperature today but think it has been about forty above and a strong breeze from the So. West all day. It is fifty four above in the room. It has been clear all day and the snow and ice is melting pretty fast. The Capt. and some of the Inuits and the Boson went up to the river to leave a boat for a few of the Eskimos that are up that way with their wives, to use in returning. The wind is right to blow the boat across with a long rope attached to it and the Boson started to wade across to haul her up a bit and fasten her lightly, instead of hauling the boat back he went up above a little ways, and the water was so swift he was carried off his feet and he said he was carried down stream about a gun shot before he got ashore and gave up crossing, but the Capt. and some of the Eskimos have gone up to try it again they are going out on the ice and try to cross this time. There is quite a lot of water showing outside of us tonight, if this wind keeps up for 3 or 4 days it ought to break up so we can get out which I hope it will do as there is quite a lot of open water down below. There are a number of cracks inside the ship next to the shore and there is quite a lot of water on the ice at high water and quite a job to get ashore. The Bar. is 29.52 tonight falling now and has been all day. It has gone down .002 since I began to write this page.  

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