Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Almost tropical in feeling

The warmest day yet, almost tropical in feeling.
    MacMillan in from Conger soon after breakfast.
    Captain, Borup, + 5 Esks. left soon after for the Ascent of Mt. Pullen.
    Had the M.O. skins that Borup brought in fixed up as well as possible today. They are covered with hair only. The wool is all loose. Immediately after dinner Ootah _ Inughito went off Black Cliffs Bay way after nests of Knot + King Eider, + a little later 2 of the women went in same direction on some errand.
    Going up on the ridge abreast of the ship in the evening to look at the ice saw several birds feeding in a damp place. Called for a shot gun to be brought out from the ship + got 2 at one shot. They proved to be the Gray Phalarope.
    Pronounced mirage today, + this evening could see Brittannia Island from the first ridge above the ship.
    The river which has been rising yesterday has risen a good deal today + its noise is pronounced as soon as one steps out of doors.  

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