Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Narwhale steak today

We had a heavy So. West wind today until about 1. P.M. and then it came around to the North and is blowing a little now. The Eskimos took a Narwhale early this morning it was 16 feet long and the horn was 6 feet long. They were more than a mile from the ship and had to cut it up and bring to the ship on sledges over the ice and boat it across one lead they got a harpoon into another one at eleven oclock today, but it pulled out and the seal skin float burst. We had Narwhale steak today and it goes fine after being without fresh meat so long. The Eskimos filled up and turned in, and dont expect to see them around again much before midnight. They wander around all night and sleep all day. We are in the same place yet drift a very little each way with the tide, just worked the Engine ahead a little to get out another line. The Bar. is 29.63.  

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