Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Great disappointment

A tramp over the hills today with rifle and glass to the top of Cairn Hill to the southeast of us. A fox watched me for a large part of the way barking at my intrusion of his territory but keeping out of range of my 22. Went far enough to look down into Water Course Bay and far up the Greenland coast. The channel ice is still intact, and might give us a highway yet to the north when we start for the Roosevelt. The flower I brought back today is called in Eskimo "Kar-ond-blue-ah", the arctic tern "Ee-mick-ko-tail-yah".
    Jack has met with a great disappointment. The gold ring which he found a few days ago, from which he was to have made an engagement ring, proves to be brass! 

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