Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Bursting with laughter

One more duck this morning. I carried three down to the tide hole, tied back their heads with strings and fixed them on the edge of the ice as life-like as possible, thinking that they might decoy other ducks and fool Jack as well. It worked all right. As soon as he saw them he came running in reporting three ducks on the ice. I asked him to take my rifle and shoot them. Then began a series of crouching and crawling too funny for description. Kood-look-to and I were bursting with laughter peeping around the corner of the building. Crawling up within range he rested the rifle on a piece of ice, took careful aim and fired - no result, the ducks weren't a bit afraid. He crawled up more nearer and repeated the operation - same result. He now crept in behind the tidal igloo and fired again. By this time he thought he had killed all three for he dropped gun and ran toward them only to be stopped by open water across which he looked at them long and earnestly. By this time we were roaring with laughter and Jack heard us. He shambled back up the hill looking sheepish enough.

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