Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

11 1/2 ° to port

Koolootinah came in soon after midnight with saddles of 2 does + a fawn intact. Fine bright morning. Later strong southerly wind which opens the off shore lead, + forms several pools to the eastward.
    The Dr.'s two men arrive before noon via C. Rawson. They report 9 M.O. killed in region of Ruggles River. Also 1 deer this side of L. Hazen + a seal beyond F. Conger. They came back by way of Conger.
    The surface of the ice foot is getting blue now, the delta of the river is bare, + the patches of bare ground ashore are increasing in size hourly.
    The Dr. gets in about 6. - p.m. having come across country from Black Cape.
    The R - is beginning to right herself again. Her maximum list in the latter part of April was 11 ½° to port.

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