Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Washing up


A mild foggy day. Washing up + paneling apt. Deck pumps started today. First time used since Sept. 23rd.
    Harrigan + Kyutah off again today to their camps west of Black Cliffs B - . Sent Weshakupsie + Ahwatingwah off on foot after dinner to scout the Mt. Pullen region + sleep out one night.
    Ootah + ìPingasukî also to Rawson for the other 2 owls eggs + the owls if possible.
    Stove in my room taken down today. Tried to take some photos of sail model but not enough wind to fill the sails.  

Sail Model: Peary was already making plans for a voyage to the South Pole when he returned from the North. The sail model he discusses here and elsewhere in his journal was a scale model of the sails for the Roosevelt II, the ship he was designing with Captain Bartlett and Chief Engineer Wardwell that he hoped would take them to Antarctica. In 1911 Peary's ambitions were ended when Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen claimed the South Pole, and the Roosevelt II was never built.

Pictured above:
Roosevelt II Sail Model, ca. 1909, National Archives

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