Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Something of a menagerie

Nearly 2 weeks of unadulterated hell, with my tooth. During this time also the weather has been dull + disagreeable with almost daily snow.
    Soon after midnight Karko came in with meat of 6 deer killed by Inughito.
    One of the men winged a snowy owl this morning + he is now caged. This with the live fox of yesterday + the lemmings gives us something of a menagerie.
    Another of the men got a knot + reported numbers of them about a small pond W. of the ship. 2 eiders seen this morning.
    Borup + McMillan went up to the Owls nest found by Pangasuk several days ago + obtained good photos of site of nest + the eggs, + brought in 5 of the 7 eggs. They were unable to secure the old birds.  

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