Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Counted 104 in one bunch

Twenty seven above this morning, but went to sixteen at eleven oclock and has been as low as that all day.  The sun has broken through the clouds once or twice.  McMillan & Borup with four Eskimos arrived last night about six oclock.  They met Cody he came into their camp at Repulse harbor just as they were leaving so he stopped to have a sleep and got here this morning at six oclock and brought the last of the provisions at Lincoln bay.  McMillan, Borup and the Eskimos had killed 24 more Musk oxen for themselves and dogs, and then didnt kill only what they needed.  He said he counted 104 in one bunch and then he dont know as he counted all of them and saw a lot more along Cape Morris Jesup.

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