Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Some future explorer

It was hang to it today until we had covered forty miles. For a large part of the way it was hard smooth going, so smooth in fact that the motion of the kowatik caused us to feel drowsy. It was laughable to watch each other as the head dropped lower and lower and the surprised look as one hit the ice.
    At Cape Neumayer we came upon the site of Commander's camp in 1906 as he came from the ice after making the world's record of 87° 6'. Having been held up by the "big lead" for several days they reached land in a starving condition as shown by the bones of their dogs which they had used for food.
    As we still have plenty of musk-ox meat we shall leave here a large part of our cache. Possibly it may aid some future explorer.
    Chipp Inlet certainly looks inviting, extending miles and miles into the interior until fading in the distance. George and I both hope that the time may come when we shall crack a whip from here to the other side of Greenland.  

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