Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

With trailing colors

We left Cape Morris Jesup at 2.35 this morning. George and I started out ahead of the komatiks on snow shoes, feeling so good that to walk to the ship would have been a "cinch". Before the end of the march we were dragging our tails behind us and came in with trailing colors.
    After ten days of high living and no exercise we were in no condition for such a tramp. Our objective point was Cape Washington 35 miles away; at the end of 23 we were glad enough to see the tupik pitched near the ice foot at the foot of the glacier to the east of Cape Cannon.
    The glare of the sun has been very hard on our eyes today, although we have worn our colored glasses constantly.
    For some time after reaching the tupik I was obliged to lie with my feet in the air to avoid cramps. George is so hot that he keeps running outside with his pants down to cool off.
    The Esquimaux are asleep on their komatiks in the sun enjoying their new musk-ox robes and their sleeping bag.  

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